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                                Paint Alongs

          Paint-Alongs are usually taught by members who will show us their expertise in a particular artistic area.   We bring our own art supplies as we use the tips and techniques shown us to create our own special creations.


Jan. 18 - Kay Burns - "Playing with Watercolor"  Class starts at 10:00 a.m. sharp!
             This will be a fun watercolor class using an old credit card, palette knife or a sea sponge (natural sponge, not the kitchen one). In addition to your watercolors, you will need watercolor paper, a brush, a sponge, and a  spray bottle. Kay suggests bringing some small pieces of watercolor for practice (1/8 sheet size) as well as a 1/4 sheet for a more finished product. You could also use acrylic or oil. Bring what you have and have some fun. You may bring a reference picture or just play around and see what you get from your imagination. Here are some examples:


Feb. 15 - Jackie Sabo - "A Peep Fest of Hens and Chicks" (watercolor)
 Join Jackie in a paint-along celebrating two different paintings of hens and chicks, not the garden plants, the real peeps.
          First Painting - "Paint watercolor spontaneously with no initial pencil drawing, working wet-into-wet, letting the paint mix and mingle on the paper, and resisting the temptation to over-work it . . . sprinkle with salt and let fully dry." Salt crystals add to the appearance of feathers to the bodies of the chickens for a fun painting. "The amiable attitudes of these leading ladies result in a playful collection of . . . hens in all shapes and
           Second Painting - Enjoy the painting the sweet baby chicks, following your pencil drawing and using only a few colors.

           Jackie says, "These paintings make me smile to look at them. I love the colors. I feel like I'm chatting with my own chickens. Now I know what to paint to lift me out of funk."

                     Hens are featured in Watercolor Artist Magazine
        winter, 2022-23, pg 50-55 in article "For the Birds" by Rebecca Dvorak

March 15 -  A two for one today!           

10:00-noon Jerry Wilda will show us how to paint skies – he says he might even add a duck in there! You can use either acrylic or watercolor.

After lunch – Melva Ax will teach us how to paint watercolor flowers in a loose method. She says, “Think out of the box!”. Bring 3 colors (red, yellow, and blue) and a 1” or larger flat brush. Melva likes to paint large on size 11x15 or larger, 100% cotton, 140# paper.  Melva will donate paper In honor of Donna Brown, longtime member of the Nampa Art Guild. Bring your own backing board. 

KAy's mtn.jpeg
Kay bunny.jpg
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