Paint-Alongs are usually taught by members who will show us their expertise in a particular artistic area.   We bring our own art supplies as we use the tips and techniques shown us to create our own special creations.

Sept. 21 - Dotte Heiney will give us tips on painting portraits.

Oct. 1 9 - Don Nafus 

           Don Nafus will be teaching us to paint rocks. But wait…there’s more! He will demonstrate and explain how to use rocks in our paintings, how they are an integral part of the composition and add movement to a work. We will learn about line, shadows, and light.

           Don often works in acrylic, but bring whatever you want to use. These principles apply no matter what the medium. 

Nov. 16- Gerry Draper will lead us in  "Fun with Water."
           We will use a black, water-soluble pen (Elegant Writer-size 1.3 or 2  if possible)
NOTE: I have discovered that it is not easy to find the Elegant Writer, so I have ordered a few extra and will have them available for sale for $3.00 on Wed. If you need one, give me a call, and I will put your name on one. If you have already bought one, be sure you bought a water soluble Elegant Writer - it is a SILVER pen. Don't get the one that says "permanent" on it --it won't work the same!
           If you want to add color,  you can add colored pencil, soft pastels, or even light watercolor or acrylic.
  Previously, I mentioned also using other pens or water soluble graphite pencils, and I will show how they work, but don't go
 out and buy them if you don't already have them. I will demonstrate them, but we will be focusing on the Elegant Writer.
            Some have asked if you can use watercolor paper - I have been experimenting more, and yes, you can! The main thing is to not use paper that is too thin because it will buckle when you add water. I will have some extra paper available for you to try.
            We will be using dried flowers, seed pods, squashes, or leaves as our inspiration. If that doesn't appeal to you, you can bring a simple photo as a reference. The focus here is on playing, trying new techniques, and having fun, not on making a completed painting.
Dec. - none - holiday
Jan. 18 - Kay Burns - "Playing with Watercolor"  Class starts at 10:00 a.m. sharp!
             This will be a fun watercolor class using an old credit card, palette knife or a sea sponge (natural sponge, not the kitchen one). Kays suggests bringing some small pieces of watercolor for practice (1/8 sheet size) as well as a 1/4 sheet for a more finished product. you can also use acrylic or oil. Bring what you have and have some fun. She will have two or more paintings to show before the class. Here's one example:
KAy's mtn.jpeg