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                                Paint Alongs

          Paint-Alongs are usually taught by members who will show us their expertise in a particular artistic area.   We bring our own art supplies as we use the tips and techniques shown us to create our own special creations.

October 11

Ilse Schreiner will hold a paint along on collage.

Ilse says:

 I will be bring my collection of interesting papers and glue but if you have some, bring yours, too. ( I just use Elmer’s glue watered down). I plan to start with a failed watercolor painting and apply tissue paper etc. and then more paint to make it more interesting. You can bring your own failed painting, to see what can happen.

   I have always done this with paper, but I have seen collages done on canvas. Water based glue won’t stick to oil paints, but will stick to acrylic.
   If you want to start with a blank piece of paper, that will work too. Sometimes watercolor won’t take very well on top of glue so I might use gesso, gouache or acrylic ink to continue. In other words, you could try anything (but the kitchen sink). I will be there all day, so if you want to continue on into the afternoon, you are welcome. 

   Check back for more events to be added soon!

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