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About Workshops

      If you are ready for a little variety in your art practice, or you have just been wanting to learn more about a particular medium, workshops are a time to try out new techniques under the guidance of a skilled instructor! Workshops are scheduled monthly on selected Fridays from 10-3. Bring a lunch or go out to eat. Cost to NAG

members will be $25 for each workshop. Cost to non members is $45. Please sign up in advance.

      Mail your check to the Workshop Coordinator, Ilse Schreiner, 3711 S. Summerset Way, Boise, ID 83709, or

for more information, contact or 208-362-2416.

October 27 

   Hugh Mossman Watercolor Landscape

November 17

    Nina Borisovich Sloan - Palette Knife in Oil  

January -

    Dan Looney acrylic with modeling paste to do Stanley Lake

February - 23   

    Karen Hickman- watercolor portrait

March 22 - Jane Wilson - collage

    Newly retired from 42 years as a high school art teacher, Jane Wilson now enjoys having more time to create her own art, much of which currently involves collage in many different forms. In this workshop, she will share examples of her work showing the variety of techniques she uses, give explanations and demos of how each is done, and work individually with participants as they create their own unique artworks.

   The three major styles of collage we will explore together are:

● Create a message, story, or abstract composition by intertwining images from magazines or other print materials. Can be the end product or the springboard for the subject of a subsequent painting or drawing.

● Create an abstract or subject based artwork solely from non-traditional art materials .

● Enhance and embellish an existing artwork to create a new image. I use this for paintings I do not like as is.

   Materials list:

Old magazines or other print materials. We will share these with each other and the more diverse the subject matter the better. Bring many if you can. Scissors, exacto knife, glue stick, substrate material for gluing the artwork onto any size you prefer is good, art materials of your choice (watercolors, acrylics, charcoal, pencil, colored pencils). Old artworks to enhance or cut up.

    Suggestions for possible other materials to bring to the workshop:

Tissue paper, rice paper, doilies, fabric, feathers, buttons, ribbon, cord, sand paper, lace, junk mail, menus, maps, ripped sections from failed paintings, wrapping paper, old books (cook books, cartoons, dictionary) newspaper, nostalgic memorabilia, letters, greeting cards, and all other fun and creative items that might work into a finished piece.

April 26Julie Clemons - oil pastel on paper

   Julie will discuss materials: a comparison of oil pastel brands, and paper types. She will also cover techniques: blending methods such as mixing colors, crosshatching, scumbling and brushing with oil or solvent, layering methods, scratching, adding texture, creating lines, and finally fixatives if you choose to use them.

   For this project we will be using an image of a tree. Create a tree with many branches that allow for considerable negative space in which you can experiment with various techniques. As example is below.

   Julie is a local artist who earned a BFA from Boise State in 1990. She has exhibited locally and regionally. She creates landscape paintings and drawings that are stylized, colorful, and sometimes whimsical. using materials such as acrylics with oil sticks, Prismacolor pencils, oil pastels, and acrylic paint pens. The paintings are not representational but interpretations of the sense of wonder she feels about the natural environment.

Julie CRef_resized.jpg
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