About Workshops

      If you are ready for a little variety in your art practice, or you have just been wanting to learn more about a particular medium, workshops are a time to try out new techniques under the guidance of a skilled instructor! Workshops are scheduled monthly on selected Fridays from 10-3. Bring a lunch or go out to eat. Cost to NAG members will be $25 for each workshop. Cost to non members is $45. Please sign up in advance.

      Mail your check to the Workshop Coordinator, Ilse Schreiner, 3711 S. Summerset Way, Boise, ID 83709, or for more information, contact ihschreiner@aol.com or 208-362-2416.

Fall 2022 Workshops

September 23, 2022 

         Carol Browning -Do you want to learn how to do animal portraits? Carol will be demonstrating a fun, colorful dog portrait, focusing on eyes, noses, and fur texture.


October 28, 2022


        Joni Frey - will be doing a presentation on design and composition. Rather than drawing we will be using colored paper cut out into simple shapes (e.g. circles, triangles, rectangles) and arranging them onto 6 inch squares of colored paper. Glue stick will enable you to preserve anything that is particularly successful. Joni is inspired by the geometric works of Charley Harper, (1922-2007) a master of composition and design, who captured the essence of his subjects with the most efficient use of art elements. His work was bold, colorful and whimsical. 

Material list:
        We’ll work in 6 inch square formats. She will bring colored paper, cut in basic shapes, and a limited number of glue sticks.

YOU bring any colored paper you have on hand, scissors, glue sticks, fine tipped markers, your imagination.

        If you email here, you can receive examples of both Harper and Joni Frey's work. 


Nov. & Dec. - none - holiday


Jan. 20 - Ilse Schreiner - Masa Paper

Feb. 17  - Ginger Lantz - watercolor pencils

March 17 - Linda Solomon - acrylics (color blending on canvas)

April 21 - Laurie Asahara - watercolor  (painting a white rose)